About Us

My husband Fred originally started to farm in Acton Bridge in 1973. In 1991 we managed to purchase Ash House Farm just over eighteen months after Mr Greg his Landlord died. The connection with Mr Greg all started way back in 1973 when Mr Greg persuaded Fred to come and relief milk his 10 cows every other weekend. After about two months of doing this Mr Greg asked Fred what his intentions were to which Fred replied that his ambition was to either rent or own his own farm. When Fred came to do the next weekends work Mr Greg told him that he had been talking things over with Mrs Greg and he offered Fred 34 acres and a derelict barn which was on the other side of the railway line on a very reasonable tenancy along with Ash House Cottage just across from the farm. After almost 9 years Mr Greg offered to put the rest of his farmland which in total came to 145 acres on the tenancy together with the buildings at Ash House Farm.

During 1989 Mr Greg offered us the chance to buy the 145 acres and the majority of the buildings belonging to Ash House Farm. We went ahead with this and in 1990 we was offered the chance to purchase the land belonging to Yew Tree Farm a neighbouring farm. Fast forward to 1990 Mr Greg died and we were given the opportunity to purchase the Farmhouse after a long hard few months of negotiations we were able to do this.

After living here for about two years I decided I would like to have a go at opening the house up for Bed & Breakfast – this was not to easy persuading Fred on this subject. However I managed to persuade Fred to my way of thinking and Ash House Farm was opened as a two bedroom B & B in 1994. There was two bedrooms with a washbasin in which I used for Guests and one bathroom for the 6 guests and the 5 of us, looking back now I don’t know how we managed, but it worked and all the revenue I earned was put to good use in updating both rooms to have en-suite facilities which took some of the pressure off the one bathroom. This turned out to be a great success and round about 2003 we decided to expand the B & B and applied to convert some of the outbuildings into more accommodation. This took a while and a lot of patience and we finally got started on this project in 2005. The Fruit Store was finally completed in August 2007 which gave us four more luxury en-suite bedrooms. It has all been a tremendous challenge and hard work but the end result has been very rewarding..

The Farm Today

We currently run the farm a Mixed farm growing Cereals, rearing Beef Cattle and just recently my Son and Partner also have a flock of Sheep.